Pre-emptive Analysis for Real Time Threats Detection.
Detect In Real Time
Attacks on Web Sites are evolving. Bots are taking over the net and creating a new spectrum of problems for companies and financial institutions. At ClickFreeze we focus on predictive investigation to help protect web application and services against those new threats. With millions of entries analysed and cached on our servers and billion computated from online source our service let you flag requests instantly.

Real-Time Monitoring

See results in Real Time on your personal dashboard. Detected suspicious clicks are logged and displayed in a comprehensive manner so you know the level of fraud of your web site at any time.

Global Threats Analysis

In addition to detecting anomalies on connecting devices or browsers, Our system leverages millions of entries cached on our servers, and billions of entries on Live Databases worldwide.

First Class Support

Preventing fraud is important to us, therefore our support will always go the extra mile to help clients take advantage of our system.

Live snapshot of your traffic fraud level on your dashboard

Modular design gives Web site and campaign managers the ability to see a status summary of their campaigns in real time.

  • Simple Graphs
  • Detailed Summary by Time, Type, Country...
  • View by Campaigns or Domain IDs.

Powerful fake users and robots detection engine.

Calculated hardware devices signature and browser IDs, associated with our custom data, allows us to identify robots and fake users regardles of their location.

  • Device and Browser ID Algorythm
  • Custom Data Mapping
  • Strong Robot and Fake Users Detection Engine

Monitors and protects your Google ADs campaigns.

Google is one of the most used platforms for ADs, our system connects to your Google accounts to monitor and protects your campaigns.

  • Google Tracking URL for monitoring
  • Linked user account for protection
  • No MCC required

More features

We are constandtly perfecting our system and adding new features.

Reliable and secure

Suspicious behavior analysis

Known attackers

VPN/TOR detection

Fake traffic and robots detection

Device ID signature

Rest API access

IP Tester

Multiple domains

Multiple campaigns